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Bill Book Available

It’s only a couple more weeks until everyone hops on their respective buses to travel to Springfield – are you ready?

Bill Book

You can now download an electronic copy of the 2014 Bill Book (Right-click and “Save As…” – Opening within the browser may not work). You will receive a bound copy when you arrive in Springfield.  The file is password protected – please ask your advisor for the password if you have not already received it.

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Pre-Leg 1 Information for Delegates

It’s just a little less than 2 weeks until Pre-Leg 1 occurs at 4 different sites across the state.  Here’s how to get prepared and what to expect once you’re there:

  • Legislators:
    • If you haven’t begun writing your bill yet, make sure that you read our bill writing guide to get started.
    • Once you are ready to start writing, you can use the bill format template to ensure that the formatting is correct. Bring 20 copies of both your bill and bill brief to Pre-Leg 1 with you.
    • You should also read the guide to Pre-Leg before you go.
  • Attorneys, Lobbyists and Legislative Assistants will begin training for their roles in the program at Pre-Leg 1.
  • Candidates for major offices should come prepared to give a one to three minute speech and campaign for their position. Candidates for Presiding Officer will not give a speech, but will instead conduct a short role play, so come prepared with a good understanding of parliamentary procedure.
  • Those that are interested in filing for an Administrative Office can still do so up until Pre-Leg 1 begins. If you plan on filing there, make sure you have all of the required paperwork (ask your advisor) and come prepared to give a short speech.
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LA & Forum Info for Advisors

Many of you have questions about the new Legislative Assistant program and Forum that will replace the Page role this year.  You can find detailed info at the LA & Forum page.  Feel free to direct your students there if they have questions.

Information for Advisors

The most important difference for advisors to know prior to Pre-Leg I is that LAs should be assigned to a bill group.  This will allow these students to participate in the writing of legislation and the research that goes into preparing for Pre-Legs and Springfield.  The distinction between LAs and lobbyists will be hard to see at this point, it will be more clear in Springfield.

In addition to students that would have served in the Page program, the LA program has opportunity for students that in recent years have been used as lobbyists.  This created a problem where there were sometimes 3 or 4 lobbyists assigned to a single bill.  Refer to the advisor handbook for minimums and maximums in these roles but lobbyists and LAs should be around a 1:1 ratio for each delegation. Sargeants-at-Arms, Clerks/Secretaries, and Bill Flow Clerks will also come from this pool of delegates so advisors should keep in mind students to nominate for these roles. For thes roles, we suggest nominating students that are in a bill group with more than one LA.

Keep in mind that the forum is a pilot program for 2013.  Some bugs may exist.  Advisors are encouraged to attend and get feedback from their delegates.

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Final Results – 2012

Congratulations to all of the delegates, advisors and volunteers for completing another successful year in Youth & Government.  An extra congratulations goes to all of the student and delegation award winners listed below as well as to all of the bill groups that were able to have their bill signed by Gov. Lampros.   The final edition of The Observer will be posted on this web site when it is available.

Premier Delegations

  • Jefferson County – Elverado
  • Indian Boundary – Hinsdale Central
  • Kankakee – Bradley Bourbonnais
  • B.R. Ryall – Wheaton Warrenville South

Most Effective Legislators


Color Legislator Name Delegation
Blue House Kris Pittard Heritage – Metea Valley
Blue Senate Nate Stein Heritage – Waubonsie Valley
Orange House Thomas Clark Heritage – Oswego
Orange Senate Prahith Chakka Heritage – Neuqua Valley
Gray House Ashley Merritt Jefferson County – Mt. Vernon
Gray Senate Alexander Kessler Elmhurst – Lake Park

Most Effective Lobbyists


Color Lobbyist Name Delegation
Orange #1 Madhura Ramakrishnan Heritage – Neuqua Valley
#2 Matt Livingston Heritage – Neuqua Valley
#3 Cody Lingle Jefferson County – Sesser-Valier
#4 Katie Bateman Danville – Schlarman
#5 Daniel Fleming Network – Carl Sandburg
#6 Anusha Bhaskara Heritage – Neuqua Valley
Blue #1 Olivia Barista BR Ryall – Wheaton W’ville South
#2 Jake Strange Heritage – Metea Valley
#3 Elissa LePoire
Saurav Pattnaik
Heritage – Neuqua Valley
Heritage – Waubonsie Valley
#4 Sahil Mathur Heritage – Waubonsie Valley
#5 Saumya Jain Heritage – Neuqua Valley
#6 Abhishek Nigam Heritage – Neuqua Valley
Gray #1 Amber Robbs
Brieann Sauer
Springfield – Williamsville
Elmhurst – Lake Park
#2 Jacob Stern Jefferson County – Mt. Vernon
#3 Michael Chapel McHenry County – Faith Lutheran
#4 Sadie Schnautz Jefferson County – Mt. Vernon
#5 Katie Wellington Elmhurst – Addison Trail
#6 Katie Aaron Jefferson County – Mt. Vernon
#7 Tyler Knutson Jefferson County – Mt. Vernon
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