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Just because you aren’t in high school anymore doesn’t mean that your connection to Youth & Government has to end. There are a number of ways to stay involved:

Stay Connected

Even after the Assembly is over each March, thanks to the Internet, friendships can carry on online. Facebook and LinkedIn both offer vast social networking opportunities and are free and open to anyone.

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College Students

If you are interested in helping with the operation of the program, you may do so by volunteering. If you are in college, you can apply to be selected as a College Staff Advisor.


If you are not still in college, there are other ways to help out. Are you an attorney that is willing to help train judicial participants? Are you interested in assisting with organization fundraising at the local or state level? Are you a parent that is interested in chaperoning at the Springfield Assembly? If you are interested in helping any these or any other role, please contact your local delegation’s head advisor or the Illinois Youth & Government office.

If you are interested in taking a more active year-round role in the program, applications for the Board of Directors, Program Board, and Development Board are considered annually. Please contact Youth & Government office to have an application sent to you. If you don’t want to serve on a board, there are committees to serve on which help deliver the program throughout the year. Please contact Youth & Government office for more information.