LA & Forum Info for Advisors

LA & Forum Info for Advisors

Many of you have questions about the new Legislative Assistant program and Forum that will replace the Page role this year.  You can find detailed info at the LA & Forum page.  Feel free to direct your students there if they have questions.

Information for Advisors

The most important difference for advisors to know prior to Pre-Leg I is that LAs should be assigned to a bill group.  This will allow these students to participate in the writing of legislation and the research that goes into preparing for Pre-Legs and Springfield.  The distinction between LAs and lobbyists will be hard to see at this point, it will be more clear in Springfield.

In addition to students that would have served in the Page program, the LA program has opportunity for students that in recent years have been used as lobbyists.  This created a problem where there were sometimes 3 or 4 lobbyists assigned to a single bill.  Refer to the advisor handbook for minimums and maximums in these roles but lobbyists and LAs should be around a 1:1 ratio for each delegation. Sargeants-at-Arms, Clerks/Secretaries, and Bill Flow Clerks will also come from this pool of delegates so advisors should keep in mind students to nominate for these roles. For thes roles, we suggest nominating students that are in a bill group with more than one LA.

Keep in mind that the forum is a pilot program for 2013.  Some bugs may exist.  Advisors are encouraged to attend and get feedback from their delegates.

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