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For Legislators

For Attorneys and Clerk-Bailiffs

Most or all of these materials will be distributed to you by your advisor if you are a judicial participant. If this isn’t the case, you will want a copy or have an electronic copy of the materials available to you for both Pre-Legislative Sessions.  You may download all of your files here.  If you have questions or need help, you may contact a judicial volunteer by email.


Case Materials (2019/20)

Case A – Appeal Materials and Case Law

Case B – Appeal Materials and Case Law

Pre Leg II Presentation

For Lobbyists

Lobbyists receive detailed training at Pre-Leg 1 & 2,. The following materials can help answer any questions and get you started

  • Lobbyist Handbook – Everything you ever wanted to know about being a lobbyist
  • Lobbyist Legislative Agenda Template – Download and use this form to ensure that your legislative agenda is in the correct format. Lobbyists should bring 20 copies of your Agenda to Pre-Leg 2.
  • Lobbyist Organization Research Worksheet – Each lobbyist should use this for their organization research. Lobbyists need to bring these worksheets to Pre-Leg 1.
  • Special Committee Bill Template & Resolution Template – Download and use this form to prepare a bill or resolution for special committees at the Springfield Assembly. Special Committee Bills or Resolutions can be submitted by January 30, 2020 (for publication in the billbook), or prepared at Assembly.
  • Lobbyist Slip – Download and use this form to prepare at least 5 Lobbyist Slips to turn in for committees as soon as you get to Springfield. A list of bills sorted by legislature (Blue, Gray, or Orange) will be posted and you will be informed of which one you are assigned to January 16.
  • Lobbyist Activity Worksheet – Download and print out a few of these forms before coming to Springfield to have ready in case you need a copy before the Lobbyist meeting Friday in Springfield. You will also receive copies of this form in Springfield.

For Legislative Assistants

For Newspaper & Video Press

  • Press Handbook – The full guide to teach you all you need to know about being a member of the video or newspaper press. Members of the Press Corps will receive specialized training at both Pre-Leg 1 and Pre-Leg 2.