Student Registration

Student Registration 2018-08-12T10:44:11+00:00

All of the required and optional forms for Illinois Youth & Government are available below for online completion.  Some forms require a signature, so they are available to complete, print and sign.

All students need to complete the first two forms below.

The following forms are optional for students.  See the descriptions below.

  • D3 – Candidate Application – Only those that would like to declare or apply for an office (Major offices, committee chairs, administrative offices, bill flow clerks and staff positions for major offices) need to fill out this form.
  • D4 – Bill Title Form – This form only needs to be filled out by legislators – only one per bill group.  This form should be filled out online.
  • D5 – Financial Assistance Application – This form only needs to be completed by a parent that is requesting financial assistance for a student in the program.