Illinois YMCA Youth and  Government Boards

Illinois YMCA Youth and Government is led by the Board of Directors and the Program Board. The members are Youth and Government alumni, past Governors, Chief Justices, Presiding Officers, and former and present advisors and individuals who believe in this program and the impact it has on our students. By providing governance and guidance, delivering the program, and working to ensure the fiscal well-being of the program, these Boards provide Illinois YMCA Youth and Government with a wealth of experience and leadership.

Board of Directors:

  • Douglas Hoffman – Chair
  • Emily Wurth – Vice Chair
  • Anne Schaeffer – Secretary
  • Tom Carroll
  • John Hollman, Clerk of the House
  • Chris Kirk
  • Jared Knapp
  • Bob Maroney
  • Suzanne Whitehead
  • Rep. Kathleen Willis

Program Board:

  • Suzanne Whitehead – Chair
  • Diane DeLorenzo – Vice Chair
  • Emily DePasquale
  • Tonia Faloon-Sullivan
  • Craig Garner
  • John Gulley
  • Jeanne Hamacher
  • Kelly Kasper
  • Mary Kettering
  • Karl Kosche
  • Jennifer Lacroix
  • Robert Lampros
  • John Powell
  • Jeff Ptacek
  • Jeff Sichz
  • Kelli Tufo
  • Andy Wells
  • Sara Youssef
  • 2020 Youth Governor Matthew Thery
  • 2020 Youth Chief Justice Chris Chung


Sean NelsonCEO
Julie KapschProgram Director