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Your generous gift directly supports the mission of Illinois YMCA Youth and Government:

To provide the youth of Illinois with an immersive educational experience to inspire and promote life-long leadership, ethics, responsible citizenship and self-confidence through participation in a unique model state government program.

Contributions provide financial assistance, scholarships to new delegations in underserved communities and aid in keeping program fees affordable for all participants.

Some Important Statistics About Y&G

Board members that contribute to the annual fund – 100%
Financial aid requests that are fulfilled – 100%
Students that would recommend Y&G to friends – 96%
Y&G alumni that register to vote – 96%
Everyone else – 66%

What does a donation buy?

Each donation  goes to pay general expenses of students and the program. Some examples are shown below.


  • One partial scholarship for student to participate
  • Program materials for 2 students


  • Two partial scholarship for student to participate
  • Program materials for 4 students


  • Full scholarship for one student
  • Lodging and meals for two students in Springfield


  • Completely fund a bill group at a beginning delegation 
  • All printing costs for The Observer

What is Youth & Government all about?

If you’ve never seen a Youth & Government weekend in person, take a look and see what our alumni and volunteers say about the program they love.

What do Y&G participants say?

It’s a mock government program. For high school kids. Sounds boring, right? Think again.

“It is unlike any other extracurricular I have participated in. It prepares you for future careers and life in many ways, including responsibility, thinking quickly on your feet, and public speaking. It is an amazing opportunity to have and it feels like I am doing something outside of my comfort zone.”
“You get out of Youth and Government what you put in, it is an incredible and inspiring experience if you apply yourself and remain engaged.”
“I had an amazing time and saw what seemed to me like proper government done more procedurally and effectively than actual Illinois elected officials in recent history. This program has the means to educate its future leaders.”
“I think it is such a good program and is very important. So many more people should be involved. One of the best things I’ve done in high school.”
“I love Youth and Government. I feel as though every student should participate in it to gain a better understanding of the legislative process. It allowed me to gain a new appreciation for those who are in office. I am able to empathize with them.”
“I love this program because it gives a real understanding of the work and effort needed for political jobs. This aids youth for making one of the largest decisions of their life; what career path to follow.”