You are invited to the 2nd Youth and Government National Youth Assembly!

April 29th at 5:30 PM Pacific/8:30 pm Eastern. Theme –  What’s Next? Register Today – ymcayag.org/register

It has been three months since our last National Youth Assembly. So much has happened since then and we want to hear about it from you! What are we going to do? Check out this video!!
See old friends, make new ones, and tell us what are issues that are important to you? What did you hear at your conference that intrigued you? What is one goal you have now that you have because of your YG experience?
We look forward to seeing you there on April 29th!


The Midwest Region YG is going National! Next Tuesday, January 26th will be the National Youth Assembly, 7:30 CST. Join YAG/YIG participants from across the nation! To register, go to the link in #1. Following is an email from the organizers:

…As we work to ensure that “democracy is learned by each generation,” we are asking youth around the country to take part in 5 action items during the first weeks of the new year at www.ymcayag.org/action

Register for our virtual YMCA Youth National Assembly
Sponsor the Educating for Democracy Act
Read & Share the Roadmap to Engaging Youth Voice 
Advance Youth Equity
Apply for the Rise Initiative

Learn more and take action at: www.ymcayag.org/action

Tuesday November 17th — 6:30 CST/7:30 EST.

If you have registered before, the link will be the same! If you have not registered before, please go here and register!

What did we see at the first event?

Voting and the importance of your impact!

We also had breakout sessions to meet and learn about Y&G in other states, played a game, and learned about the history and importance of ‘Democracy Must Be Learned by Each Generation’!

The next event for the Midwest Region will Tuesday, October 20th – 6:30 pm CST. Focus of the meeting will be updated here as soon as it is determined.

What is it all about? Check out the Govs here!

Wanna join the fun? If you have registered before, you don’t need to again; the meeting link will remain the same. If you haven’t registered, please do so here or use QR code below to get a link to join the event!